By  Yuka Fujiwara

As a student living alone in Tokyo, I have to prepare meals for myself to live. Being a food lover, I wish to eat many kinds of food. However, there is a big problem-I cannot  finish eatting entire  packages. Say I wished to eat plenty fruit, and bought apples, oranges and strawberries. Few days later, they change colours and get bad. Like this,if I buy many types of food, it goes beyond the amount for one college student. This is completely a waste of food and money. Therefore  I can only buy one type of food and keep eating it until it ends. Needless to say, it is easy to get bored finishing a package of something.

My experience living alone in Tokyo and my persistence in eating many kinds of food has made me invent a few recipes. Here  I introduce my special cheese recipes, my favorite food with many nutrition.

They can be made easily, and above all, they are a bit different from the conventional way of eating this dairy product .


Recipe 1.”Kireteru cheese“ (sliced cheese)

Normally kireteru cheese is eaten as it is from the package. This food is famous, but I guess not many people  know that by putting it in the microwave, it changes dramatically.

I guess some of you have experience getting tired of the the cheese at the end of the package as you keep eating. Enters here the microwave. All you need is a plate and some parchment paper. Place the parchment paper and kireteru cheese on the plate. Then microwave it for about 1.5~2minutes. That’s it! Take it out from the microwave and viola! Kireteru cheese has changed its appearance to something completely different! The soft clean rectangle has disappeared. It tastes and looks like a cheese cracker.


Kireteru cheese before microwaved (photo by author).


Kireteru cheese after microwaved (photo by author).


Recipe 2. “Cream cheese”

Cream cheese is another popular product. The mild and sweet taste goes very well with bread and crackers and is the ingredient of many sweets. Many people hold off on consuming large amounts of cream cheese because of the high calorie, even if they love the taste.   Here is a recipe for those who are health conscious and want just enough to fulfill your sugar crave.

First, are bread and crackers the only things we can put cheese on? Definitely no. In my special recipe, you spread cheese on Tofu (I strongly recommend mascarpone cheese); the silky tofu are particularly good for this.

You can put any jam you like. (Daredevils may find sweet bean paste to be a good  match it, too.) You might have difficulty imagining how it tastes or even don’t feel like trying it, but this is really good.     

And it is low calorie! This tofu and cheese will be a hero for those who are on a diet, but also want to eat sweets.


Tofu with mascarpone cheese and blueberry jam (photos by author).


Thanks to these special recipes, I am able to enjoy the satisfaction of finishing  packages. Not only good for my purse and environment, but also it is very fun thinking and trying them out.



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