This is a piece originally submitted to a course called “(in)visible Tokyo” at the University of Tokyo.

(In)visible Tokyo


A city like Tokyo can sometimes feel all consuming, even insular. In my time here, I have been struck by the intense distinction that I feel between the metropolitan centers and Japan’s rural areas. Not only do I feel the people live at a different pace, but the very foundations of their world seem to be entirely different. This is perhaps a phenomenon not unique to Japan, yet here it seems to occur on an entirely different scale. Particularly for me, growing up in an exceptionally rural environment has meant that such a huge transition has often felt jarring. But within Tokyo I do see attempts to link these two spaces. So when presented with the opportunity to further explore an aspect of ‘(in)visible’ Tokyo, it seemed only natural that I should explore further the relationship between country and city, and within that broad heading to focus on perhaps the…

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