By Kohei Yagura

“Tokyo.” The name of the city was announced by the International Olympic Committee, the IOC, on September 8th, 2013. The 2020 Olympic Games will be held in the capital of Japan. How will this affect our daily lives as people living in Japan?

Tokyo skyline.

Tokyo skyline.

The main impact is that we will be able to watch the exciting games with our own eyes. People who are interested in watching the games will gather in Tokyo. This will be a big chance for us because we can see the Olympic Games with our own eyes without paying much time and money for transportation.

Another big effect will be on the economy. The Olympic Games will contribute to the Japanese economy in various ways, such as construction of new facilities, increase of consumption, development of the infrastructure and the tourism industry. These will surely stimulate the economy itself and lead to the economic growth. By observing the economies of the previous host countries of the Olympic Games, we notice that they experienced a significant growth during the Olympic period in every country even if the scale of the economy was relatively small. According to this data, the Japanese economy will surely get better around 2020. If we make special mention of the effects to Komaba students, the Olympic Games will make the employment situation better. The employment will increase by around 150,000 people, 80 billion yen in income. This means our life will get better, too!

Also, many changes will occur in the city of Tokyo. Many new facilities such as new stadiums that do not exist now will be built to prepare for the Olympic Games and highways will be newly rebuilt to avoid the congestion of cars. These drastic changes will transform our city from now.

However, we should not forget the negative impacts, too. It is estimated that the overall spending for the Olympic Games will be up to 240 billion yen. Since Tohoku is still in the process of recovery from the earthquake, some say this spending is ridiculous. The cost for the recovery is estimated to be 25 trillion yen. Another negative impact is the heavy traffic. The traffic is heavy enough as it is now, but it will be heavier when lots of people around the world gather in Tokyo.

These are the imaginable effects by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Whatever the effect is, it is sure that the Olympic Games will make a huge impact to our daily lives. Maybe there will be unpredictable effects, too. Japanese society awaits the coming of the Olympic Games.

Kohei is a first-year student at the University of Tokyo. 


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