By Yasuka Tateishi

Todai’s annual spectacle comes to an end.

For over forty years, the results of the university entrance exam have been displayed on the bulletin board on campus. The same scene was seen this year. On March 10, 2013, hundreds of people came to see the results of the examination. Bulletin boards were carried by trucks and set up on the avenue, which we call “the road of passing examination.” The boards showed 3,009 students who passed the examination. Music started playing and barriers were removed. Students rushed to the boards. Some rejoiced and some sobbed. Members of the American football club and the rugby club tossed successful students in the air. TV cameras reported these scenes enthusiastically. However, we will not be able to see this spectacle from next year onwards.

Entrance Exam Results Day, University of Tokyo

Entrance Exam Results Day, University of Tokyo. By kristi-san, on Flickr.

On July 24, 2013, The University of Tokyo announced the results for entrance examinations will no longer be displayed on the bulletin board. Annually on March 10, the results have been announced in three ways; on the website, by mail, and on a bulletin board on a campus. However, from 2014, the ways students confirm their results will be limited to just via website and mail.

According to the university, the reason for suspension is the construction of the library. The road where the boards are held will be occupied. Since 1972, the bulletin board announcements have been done mostly on Hongo campus and sometimes on Komaba campus. However, this time, the university was unable to find other adequate locations either at Hongo or at Komaba. Although the construction will be completed in 2016, whether or not the bulletin board announcements will be resumed after then has yet to be decided.

The suspension of the display has disappointed a lot of students because it was one of the most attractive events of the entrance examination. Recently, most Japanese universities announce their entrance examination results only on websites. Due to this, the scene of results being announced on a bulletin board is a popular scene at the University of Tokyo. For most of the students who take the entrance examination, especially those who live around Tokyo, the event is memorable. The anticipation and delight when a student finds their number on the board is special in itself. One student in the University of Tokyo said, “It is a pity because the announcement on the bulletin boards is a kind of symbol of the entrance examination of this university.”

Yasuka is a first-year student at the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo. 


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