Masatoshi Takara

PEAK Friends, New kids on campus

PEAK stands for Programs in English at Komaba. It is the first program at Todai that offers students from around the world a chance to take classes taught entirely in English and obtain a 4 year degree at one of the leading Universities in the world.

PEAK Friends in action.

PEAK Friends in action.

PEAK Friends serves as a student run group to make assimilation into University life in a different country, with perhaps the most dissimilar culture in the world, Japan an easier process. In the beginning they made a pamphlet which covered everything from local restaurants and grocery stores to Japanese slang that we may encounter. They also threw events and offered a friendly community to jump start incorporation into the Todai lifestyle from the get go.

In the fall there are no club fairs that expose all that campus has to offer and PEAK Friends serves as the perfect bridge to fill in any gaps and questions that international students may have. PEAK Friends believes that communication spans beyond words and it wishes to break down barriers that have proven difficult for previous international students.

Ryotaro Doi, leader of PEAK friends commented that “we(PEAK friends) are trying our best to promote cross cultural communication at Todai.” They invite non-english speaking members as well as English speaking members, so if you’re curious, why don’t you come take a look? They throw “Global Interaction Lunches” every week right in front of the School Cafeteria. There are students from PEAK, Todai students, and even AIKOM (abroad in Komaba) students as well. We may start to see Komaba campus filled with fresh faces from all around the world; be a part of the revolution and come meet new friends and break out of your comfort zone.


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