By Masatoshi Takara 

One Second Everyday

Do you remember what you did on June 7th last year? How about September 14th. These dates seem so fresh in our mind, being only a few months, even a couple of weeks ago. We inadvertently forget our most precious memories and our past becomes a blur. Cesar Kuriyama wants to fix that with his new app “1 second everyday”. Kuriyama is a tech geek who has given TED talks about the power of 1 second and worked in advertising and computer animation.

There's an app for that: life logging.

There’s an app for that: life logging.

His app is devastatingly simple. You choose a 1 second video clip to represent your day and it becomes stitched into a video compilation of your life. Projects like this have been done with pictures but, as Kuriyama says “A photo can’t capture my dad’s voice… his laugh… or the way my mom’s expression changes when I surpr­­­ise her. ”Take a video clip for 365 days and you will have a 6-minute video to represent your entire year. All you need is the beloved smart phone you carry with you every day. What makes this app so special is that there are no video editing skills needed! Choose a video clip you recorded that day and the simple interface lets you pick which segment of the video clip you want to represent that day. The 1 second video clip goes on a calendar in the app to forever be a prompt to recall that day. Imagine you did this for 10 years. You have a 1 hour video clip to remember a whole decade of your life.

What made this app stick out was that it brings upon a sense of urgency to do something interesting. Kuriyama says “I started re-evaluating how I approached each day.  Quickly, I was able to see when a couple of days would go by when I hadn’t done anything remotely interesting or outside my typical routine.” This app pushes us forward to go out and do something by reflecting on our life day-to-day and being critical about it. Recording one second each day allows you to easily reflect back on life – your daily decision. “It holds me accountable to make every day count” says Cesar Kuriyama. Armed with this app, go seize the day and break the boring cycle of everyday life, and go do something memorable so when you look back on a video of your life, every second is the beginning of an exciting chapter that you can cherish and remember.

Kuriyama had been rallying to raise $20,000 to publish and finalize his app and it has been funded! His kickstarter campaign can be found here. With a $1 pledge you can get the iOS app when it comes out in the next 2 weeks right in time for 2013. An android version of the app is in the works.


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