By Daiki Sugiyama

Gakuyukai: Strong Supporter of Club Activities

Gakuyukai is an association to support many of the clubs. It is not well known but plays a lot of important roles for our club activities. How does Gakuyukai help activities of clubs?

On 3rd and 5th in December in 2012, Gakuyukai General Meeting was held with leaders of many clubs. Attendance at this meeting is one of the duties of clubs to be supported. During the meeting, Gakuyukai informed their work of this year and some clubs report their activities.

Gakuyu-kai room in Campus Plaza (December 18, 2012, taken by author)

Gakuyu-kai room in Campus Plaza (December 18, 2012, taken by author)

The roles of Gakuyukai are various. First, it gives clubs two kinds of supports, material support and budgetary support. Through material support, clubs can get materials such as paper, packaging tapes, Copy Card to use printing machines, wood to use to make advertisement boards within a certain amount of money. Actually, not only clubs but classes can receive this support. On the other hand, through budgetary support, some of clubs chosen by Gakuyukai can receive financial support directly.

Secondly, Gakuyukai distribute rooms in Campus Plaza and Gakusei Kaikan to clubs to use as club rooms. The number of the rooms is limited, so it decides which clubs are proper to get rooms according to the number of their members and how necessary is club rooms for them to have action.

December was a month when many clubs changed their leaders. If you are going to become a leader, you have to pay attention to Gakuyukai. It will help you and your members.


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