By Xuan Truong Trinh

On Top

Photo by Xuan Truong Trinh.

Photo by Xuan Truong Trinh.

Sometimes, all it takes to see a beautiful world is to take a different perspective. I looked up to the sky of Komaba Campus and wondered which building was the highest. The question took me to a place, opened to my eyes to the sunset over Fujisan and the dazzling light play of Tokyo metropolitan.

It was a 12 floored building, which was an office rather an observation deck. It took my breath away to gaze at the vast scenery of Tokyo. Shinjuku characterised with giant buildings, Yoyogi Park spread like a forest amidst the modern city, and Fujisan covering the sun, more beautiful than ever. I felt like becoming a titan, absorbing the spectacular panorama into my eyes. Beside the scenery, I could watch Todai-sei moving around, playing soccer, going to the cafeteria – like miniature figures in an enormous toy university.

The vision cultivated my imagination greatly, as I was granted the ability to zoom in and out of the world, manipulating the size of things, capturing the whole area with a single glance. I was no longer dominated by the tall buildings or confusedby the maze-like landscape, everything became clear, and endlessly intriguing. It became one of the corners I resort to when choked by the stress of being a student. A source of consolation and inspiration it was.Truong_onTop_photo2

About the exact location, I would like to leave the excitement of discovery to you, my dear readers. The world does become much more beautiful, when we tilt our head a little bit, taking on a new perspective.

Go up there, explore.


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