By Daiki Sugiyama 

Endeavors of the Komaba Festival Committee

Photo Courtesy of the Komaba Festival Committee.

Photo Courtesy of the Komaba Festival Committee.

Komaba Festival, one of the biggest annual festivals of the University of Tokyo, was held from November 23rd to 25th in 2012, and lit up the campus. A key factor of this success was the projects that the Komaba Festival Committee launched.

In Komaba Festival, various kinds of street stalls opened all over the university. In addition many fascinating performances and projects were done by student clubs. However, these owe the Komaba Festival Committee a great deal, for example, their arrangement of rental goods and setting of all stages. The Committee had been preparing for Komaba Festival since summer vacation. One of the committee members said that he had difficulty arranging many projects, but helping others perform perfectly was good experience for him.

The projects done by the Komaba Festival Committee were the biggest events in the festival. First of them was Zenya-sai held in the evening of the 22nd in front of the first building. Students who are repeating the same class stood on stage and talked about not only their regrets but their good experiences gained because of their failure. It was very effective to arouse motivation for students. A committee member who prepared for Zenya-sai said that he felt his efforts were rewarded when he saw that many audiences enjoyed the festival.

Another one was Chuuya-sai held in the evening of the 24th at Ichou stage. Various kinds of performances were carried out like a capella, manzai, and folk music were held. The audience enjoyed watching these performances. At the end, La voce, a capella circle was chosen as the best performance by the audience. The crowd was filled with shouts of joy and laughter. In order to hold Chuuya-sai successfully, the committee invited performers and made a lot of arrangements, and set up the stage. I joined Chuuya-sai as a performer of Showlonpow, a manzai circle, and enjoyed performing because of the endeavors of the committee.

The committee also planned a lot of extension lectures for the public during the festival. Some of the lectures were given by professors of this university, such as Professor Yujin Yaguchi who belongs to the division of Area Studies, and Professor Kiichi Fujiwara who belongs to the department of law and political science. Others were given by famous people invited such as Shigeaki Koga who is a well-known former bureaucrat of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The committee invited these guests and arranged the rooms and schedules. These lectures made the festival not only enjoyable but also enlightening.

On the finale stage held by the committee at the end of the festival, Mitsutaka Nakao, the chairperson of the committee made a speech of the impression he got from the festival and stated his appreciation with tears. Nakao’s tears recalled all the hard efforts of his colleagues that have been put into this event.

We should not forget we all students owe these great memories to the endeavor of the members of the Komaba Festival Committee.


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