By Xuan Truong Trinh 

Abandoned in sunshine, lively at night.

Music crafted by wood and hammers.

The factory of stages and panels:


Photo by author.

The “tatakiba” at Komaba. Photo by author.

When you walk through the gate of Todai, starting your new day, you see the variety of notice boards showing the coming performances or clubs introductions. Have you ever wondered where those panels were made? My wandering feet took me to the answer: the Tatakiba – literally Place of Beats, located between Gym 1 and the multipurpose hall.

Without people, the place is an open ground scattered with uncompleted pieces of wood, which looked more like a messy sketch of an artist, or storage of junks. But afterschool, Tatakiba comes alive with the rhythm of hammers, marking the construction of a stage or notice boards.

The major habitants here are the theatre groups, especially during preparation for their performances. They paid for all the materials here, including nails, woods, and machines, which are locked in the storage nearby. “We don’t sell tickets for the performances, so most of the funds are from Kampa, donations from audience”, said Marimo Satou, a member of theatre circle Prism.

Independent, serious and passionate, the atmosphere in Tatakiba truly captivated my curiosity and utter enjoyment of Todai’s afterschool activities. Put it simply as Haruna Horiuchi, another member of Prism, “I am here almost every day, and I really like it. It’s like a call, you know.” So, if you are not too busy after 6 p.m., why don’t you take a stroll there, and listen to the Call of Tatakiba?


2 thoughts on “Music of Hammers – Tatakiba

  1. > Tatakiba comes alive with the rhythm of hammers
    Yes, and smell of woods and paints!
    Whenever I wander around there, the atmosphere brings me back to the time I was a university student…

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